Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Book Can Change Your Life!

If you love reading books, I am sure you'll relate to the truth in that statement. One book can indeed change your life.

And in my case, it just did.

It's a little book called "Blog Wild!" by Andy Wibbels. And it's about How Everyone can go blogging. It's a simple easy read, and you should know it' s powerful when you consider that I finished it in one sitting last night... and got started on my own blog this morning! (And if you want to know more do check out Andy's professional blog ( and his personal blog (

I bought the book at the sale at the Crossword Book store in Mumbai; one of a fabulous chain of stores in India that is bringing back the joy of reading. An ideal Sunday afternoon for me is spending a couple of hours with my wife and kids, strolling inside the Crossword store in Kemp's Corner. We get in and are soon lost in the wonderful world of books... Savvy doing a taste check on the cookery books... Tuts looking for the bestsellers in fiction (and wishing Sriram was still around with his "Sriram recommends" collection... And Abs looking for one more unauthorised version of the never-ending ever-changing David Beckham story. And I take the right turn (Aha!) towards books on management and business and self-development and leadership. Ah Crossword! It also helps that on the upper level of the store is Moshe's - serving up pasta and chocolate desserts to die for. I have often wondered if Moshe's is what really draws the family to the store. And I am sure there's a marketing lesson tucked away there!

So here I am then with a blog that will talk about everything that I have fancied. There will be lots on people of course. And children. And reading and leading. Cricket stories and the lessons they have for all of us in business and in life. Plus of course large helpings of Self -Development (co-starring Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Zig Ziglar and Tony 100mph Robbins!)

Above all, it will be a part of my fascination with helping people realize their full potential. And becoming the people they were capable of becoming. Maximizing potential. And becoming happy successful people.

"Winning teams" - the title of this blog confirms that I am passionate about winning. And helping others win too. Remember, the old line about "You never win a silver... you only lose a gold"?

And remember Vince Lombardi's famous words - "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing".

I am also wildly passionate about building teams. Winning teams. What does that take? What leadership skills come to play? And how do a bunch of average people suddenly get galvanised into a team of world-beaters? What makes for a "Chak De India" moment?

Along the way I will try and introduce to you some of the several wonderful people I am previleged to meet. People who impact my life, perhaps without ever realizing it.

People like Jim Casella, who incidentally is the inspiration behind my starting my own blog. (Jim started his own blog not-so-long-ago ... and if you are reading this, thanks Jim! You make a difference!)

Jim is a doyen of the b2b publishing business and was vice chairman of Reed Business. He was instrumental in launching the Reed business in India - in a joint venture with our company (the JV is called Reed Infomedia). And I now have the previlege of having Jim on the board of Directors of Infomedia - and his counsel is much valued and hugely appreciated. Jim is currently an entrepreneur-in-residence with Austin Ventures, looking at opportunities in b2b publishing - in print and online. And Jim has taught me all I know about wines - and also introduced me to some of the finest wines from around the world!

And finally, just one last thought. I am a great believer in the power of taking action. The power of taking that first step that could launch the journey of a thousand miles. Many of us know a lot - but don't always translate it into action. We all know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Yet, how many of us actually eat that apple? And after twenty years of burgers and junk food, it's often too late to play catch up and say bring me those 7300 apples...

So I am pleased about the fact that I read Andy's book. And here I am with my own blog.

And I'd ask you to think of one thing - any one thing - that you've always wanted to do... you know it's good for you... but you have just not got started.

Take that one task... and do something about it. Now. Take that first step. Right now.

As the Nike folks have been entreating us for several years now...

Just do it. Today!